Why Overlooking Tumblr Could Be a Big Mistake

Tumblr is another great example of the importance of using the free tools that are available to successfully market on the Internet. Frequently, I am asked about my life story redirects tumblr pbn. People want to know how I was able to go from losing everything to rebuilding my wealth thanks to Internet marketing.

Tumblr has hundreds of themes for users to select from which allows Tumblr pages to feel more customized. A byproduct of this vast array of themes is that Tumblr pages can end up feeling more personalized and thus a little more interesting than Twitter, for example.

I am a big fan of proper time management, and Tumblr’s ability to post to numerous other sites when sending out a micro-blogging post through Tumblr is pretty attractive. Internet marketers and Internet entrepreneurs should be excited by this functionality.

One of the more attractive Tumblr features is that of being able to post to Digg, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and other sites through RSS. Clearly, this is the kind of functionality that users want and will no doubt enjoy.

As I happily tell people, part of how was able to rebuild after losing my two real estate businesses that I built from the ground up was Internet marketing. When the 2007 real estate crash happened, I realized that I needed to take advantage of all the great and free marketing opportunities that existed, such as Tumblr.

By maintaining my focus, in part thanks to my years spent as a yoga teacher, I was able to see the opportunities that existed. I feel that the trick is to stay calm above all else so that you can spot new and upcoming opportunities such as Tumblr.

Tumblr is much like Twitter but it has numerous features, which effectively set it apart from Twitter. First it is important to note that Tumblr, will not as popular as Twitter is growing rather quickly. Part of this growth is due to the fact that Tumblr has a good number of interesting features.

For those looking to create a micro-blogging page with images, Tumblr works quite well. The site allows users to post high-resolution photos as well as “Photosets.” Photosets are collections of photos that the Tumblr software allows page visitors to look through quickly.

The growth rate of the micro-blogging site Twitter caught many people off-guard. Trying to pack a useful message into just 140 characters seemed a little silly to many users, but as Twitter’s Internet traffic ranking shows, the concept worked. Not surprisingly there are other sites that have followed suit and are taking inspiration from Twitters meteoric rise.

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